A new talent has joined Lovely Voice!

A new talent has joined Lovely Voice!!

Do you ever have a situation where the answer to something is right under your nose? Well in this case, well over my nose as the lady in question is nudging 6 ft tall!!

Like all voice talents I have a range of voices I can help you with but now I have someone new on board who is fabulous at voices from very young children through to late teen/young adult. Let me introduce you to my daughter, Pia.

She has already successfully completed several voice-over projects for my clients, including two that needed an American teen voice. Her natural voice is a clear, well-spoken British English.  

Pia has been involved in acting, singing and dancing since she could pretty much stand up and has years of musical theatre and on stage experience. I have lost count of the number of performances she has been in!

She has attended performing arts school for many years and each year takes the prestigious LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts) examinations and is currently at Bronze level.

So if you need the voice of a young boy/girl character from a story, a troubled teen or a bubbly young adult excited about fashion or music, Pia can help you with you next project (in American or British English!)