New Service from Lovely Voice – Doodle Animation!!!


At Lovely Voice we love meeting new people to work with and this week has been my lucky week! I’ve recently joined a fabulous networking group where I met the lovely Naomi Johnson of Purrfectly Animated who creates doodle animation (and does it very well indeed!!)

I’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve been asked if we produce doodle animation as well as provide the voice-over and up to this point we’ve had to regretfully decline invitations to work with clients.

Doodle animation is a great way to convey your message – whatever it may be. At Lovely Voice we have narrated doodle animations for all kinds of projects. They’re especially great for Explainer Videos – a 1 minute 30 opportunity to create a visual message about your company, product or service. As it is so visually stimulating and not overly long it’s a fantastic to grab people’s attention.

Remember at Lovely Voice we offer a script writing service so all you need to do is give us your ideas and we can produce the script, the voice and the animation!!

I’m thrilled that Lovely Voice has the opportunity to offer this new service to you and look forward to working with Naomi at Purrfectly Animated!

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