Making New Connections

I’m very fortunate to being doing something I love and for me the added bonus is doing it with one of the people I love the most…. my daughter Pia. We’re a great team as we share the same work ethic and values and, well…. we both love to talk!! It’s our mission at Lovely Voice to write great scripts and send recordings that clients will love, and as we have work from both new and existing clients each week we must be doing something right.

Recently I have decided to join some online networking groups to get to know more business professionals and I have to say it has been a pleasure. Not only have I received a warm welcome from the groups but it’s great to be part of a supportive environment and meet other companies who also strive to provide a first class service to their clients.

The great thing is there are members who genuinely want to assist others with their business needs – anything from how to promote a business, marketing, social media and more.

There’s even help and advice for when members need support, whether it’s an issue with a tricky client, ideas on how to turn an idea into a business or a chance to vent because things are not going as planned.

Groups are kind enough to allow you to promote your business and your blog and it’s great to learn what other people do and read more about them. I look forward to sending our Lovely Voice blog post each week and hope people enjoy reading them.

In this environment the key is to contribute wherever possible, even if it’s just a tip or a useful comment. Not only does it build rapport with other member it’s great to think that an idea or suggestion you come up with can make a difference to someone’s business. Who knows… one day it might be our turn to seek out some advice from members!

As with any networking group you’re bound to meet people who work in the same profession, although so far I have only met one lady who is just breaking into voice-over. I truly feel it’s better to work with someone than against them so we can help one another to be successful in our businesses.

I look forward to getting to know people better – we’re already delighted to be collaborating with Naomi Johnson of Purrfectly Animated to offer doodle animation with voice-over and I hope we have the opportunity to work with even more members in time.