Working together as a team!

At Lovely Voice we’ve mentioned before what a joy it is to work with clients on an ongoing basis and it’s great to build up relationships and support and promote their businesses too.

We recently came into contact with Kenneth from The VA Team who asked me to record an IVR for him. From start to finish he was a great client to work with and I hoped for another opportunity to work together on another project.

Well, Kenneth and I have just completed a second project together and I wanted to show you The VA Team’s newest video (with a little bit of voice from me). The service he offers is like having an extra pair of hands (or two). After all….how often do you feel swamped by work and wish you could outsource some of your tasks maybe permanently or on an ad hoc basis? Are you falling behind with urgent tasks but there’s just not enough hours in the day to do everything. If this sounds all too familiar then Kenneth and the VA Team are standing by to lend a hand.

Have a look at their great new video to discover more and I know you’ll find them as much as pleasure to deal with as I have!