Old school – and proud of it!

Old School

Over the last few months we’ve received some lovely invitations to quote for projects. At face value they’ve seemed really exciting; narrating audio books, meditation guides, eLearning courses and more. Great! We’re good to go apart from finalising the budget for the project.

Here at Lovely Voice you can expect what we call an “old school” style service which basically means we do a proper job from the “get go”.

Firstly, we like to see the script to familiarise ourselves with it. It gives us the opportunity to check any words or names we are unfamiliar with and seek guidance from the client. We’re not going to narrate your audiobook page by page as we go. We’ll know the story and the characters before we step into the studio.

With a long recording like an audiobook or an eLearning programme we also send a short segment to our client prior to narrating the whole project, to be absolutely sure they are happy with our interpretation.

We like to check the pace and tonality of the narration you desire and if there are any special requirements or any necessary emphasis placed on certain words. There’s no point in our reading your script at an even measured pace if you want a pacey, hard-hitting read.

We also offer an “open door” policy which means we like to keep strong lines of communication with our clients. We’re happy for you to contact us for any updates or queries you may have.

When we send our final recording to a client it has been checked and double checked to ensure we have done the best job possible for you. If we’ve got it wrong in any way we of course expect you to tell us so that we can rectify any issue as efficiently as possible!!

We work with clients all over the world and offer what we believe are competitive and realistic prices for our work. So why, despite all the elements mentioned above do some potential clients try to barter with us or try to knock the price down? There’s deal to be had if you are buying a car or a washing machine as salesmen have enough profit margin to work with to offer a reduced price. But we don’t sell cars…

So to anyone who wants a “cheap price” like a potential client today who wanted a short 8,800 word novel narrated for $70 (yes you read right), thank you for thinking of Lovely Voice but our old school values and integrity are priceless and we wish you well in finding someone that can work with your budget.

If you want a professional voice-over from someone who does a “proper job” – make Lovely Voice your next choice!