Justifying the cost of a voice recording (also known as why I charge what I do)

I believe I am a competitively priced Professional Performing Voice Artist (aka voice over) but I have been asked on occasion “How do you justify the cost to the client for a voice-over? Don’t you just sit in front of the microphone, read the script, take out the “bloopers” twiddle a few knobs and return it to the client for final approval?”

I’m quite sure there are voice-over “professionals” who do just that, but that’s nothing like the service I offer my clients.

Before I even step into the studio I’ve been drinking warm water, munching an eye watering dark green apple and doing my vocal warm-up exercises.

Next I study the scripts I am about to record. I am very blessed that I have the opportunity to voice so many different kinds of scripts and with each one I study it and get my head around the message I want to convey. If you think your script is a fresh, first time read in front of the microphone, you’d be very much mistaken. I’m VERY  familiar with your script before I even switch on the studio lights.

When I record your script (especially if it is lengthy) there will be the inevitable “blooper” or I might choose to read a sentence or two again because I think I can give a better delivery. I leave the recording part of my studio once I am satisfied I have done the very best recording for you.

Straight after recording I go to my processing area where I load your audio file and go through it in minute detail. I will most likely have some repetitions that must be deleted, and subsequently I perform several different types of processing on the file, including manually removing any audible “clicks” and “pops”.  This all takes time, and is time well spent in order to deliver a high quality recording.

I then send on your recording; in the belief I have done the very best job for you.

If a client is in any way dissatisfied with the recording (sometimes they need a few words changed, or a different tempo, for example) then I will make the necessary revisions in order to ensure the recording is perfect and exactly what the client wants.

As you can probably tell by now this process adds up to a fair bit of time and effort and this is why if you need 10,000 words narrated for $50, then I’m not your girl. And yes, I really have been asked to do this!

It’s absolutely your prerogative to choose someone with rock bottom prices (although I have to tell you, I’ve had to re-record scripts for new clients who initially took the cheaper option) but if you want someone who pays meticulous attention to detail and considers themselves a part of your satellite team, then I would be delighted to work with you!