Children Stories Narration

Children’s story narration is one element of my work that I absolutely love. It’s all about engaging the young listener, making them believe they’re truly inside the story, painting pictures with words that has them hanging onto every word.

As a drama teacher working with children aged 3-18 I’ve made up hundreds of stories and scenarios with the students using character voices and a huge range of different emotions to bring a story to life. Also, as a mother of two children I’ve lost count of the hours I have read to my children and being a bit of a “soft touch” I’ve always given into to the “just one more, mum” complete with the different voices and noises. Now they are grown up and independent readers I enjoy recording children’s narration for other children to enjoy.

Below is a short sample of a children’s story I narrated a couple of years ago and one that has been requested on numerous occasions.

For more examples of children’s narration take a listen to my demo reel, and if you have a children’s narration project that needs a voice then I would delighted to make that special recording for you!

[dewplayer mp3=”/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/Farmyard-Band.mp3″ description=”Farmyard Band – Children’s Short Story Narration”]