Lovely Little Voice Turns Sweet 16

Sweet Sixteen

As I gaze (with a cricked neck) at the 6ft tall young lady standing before me I realise it seemed like yesterday that she was a cheeky, full of life toddler that did everything at 100 mph.

Why follow the instructions of the teacher at Baby Ballet when you can zoom round the room kicking your legs in the air? Who wants to sit dead still for a photographer when you can play with her props instead and take out the pretty hair clips that were “super-glued” in by your mum half an hour ago? And finally, why say just one word when there are tons more you can say?

She’s been in every school play or production imaginable; asked so many questions in class she has been told she can’t put her hand up again (after all, someone else needs a turn) and has asked us questions we haven’t a hope in answering. Who needs a radio on a 6 hour car journey? Pia can talk the whole way!

So it comes as no great surprise that her love of musical theatre, acting, singing and dancing has never wavered and that when it comes to voice-over it’s a no brainer she has embraced the role. Ok so there’s no dancing involved (well, we’ve not been asked yet) but it gives her the chance to do what she truly loves…. to talk and act (and sometimes to music).

She still does everything at 100 mph; talks incessantly and the blond hair flies all over the place without the hair clips, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Darling Pia we love YOUR Lovely Little Voice and on your 16th birthday we wish you all the love in the world.

One final thought…. At 16 maybe it’s time to drop the “little”?