It’s been a tongue twister of a week!

A few weeks back there was a fun thread on a LinkedIn group I belong to where a great deal of voice professionals “fessed up” the words that had them a little “tongue tied”. It’s funny how we’re all different as some of the words that popped up I felt were easier to say than my Achilles heel – aka “digital” and worse….”digitally”. It was quite reassuring to know that I wasn’t the only one who had to do a take or two (or six) when that particular word popped up in the middle of an intricate sentence.
However, for some reason it’s been a week of complicated names and sentence structures. If the cutting room floor was as it used to be I’d be knee deep by now. Thing is, once you get it in your head that some of your words sound like gobbledygook it’s easy to get tongue tied again and again.
Rest assured I don’t leave the studio until I’ve nailed the pesky words in question but of course I have to be extra vigilant and ensure the “dohs” and “dangs” don’t make an appearance in the final recording.
Here’s hoping tomorrow’s scripts end my little “mega blooper” run!