2013 Lovely Voice Round-up

2013 was quite simply an amazing year for Lovely Voice and of course it wouldn’t have been so wonderful if it weren’t for my fantastic clients!

I have recorded a huge array of narration and think I must have covered every genre imaginable. It’s been an absolute pleasure dealing with clients from all over the world and a privilege to know you are using my voice to enhance your business, bring a smile to a child’s face with a story or that an eLearning programme I have narrated is helping people to learn and grow.

I have “met” some amazing people from around the world and I’m always grateful when you contact me to narrate for you again.

I’m glad no-one but me has access to the material on the “cutting room floor”. It would make for a fun “blooper” reel! Dealing with international clients as I do, some names and places are definite tongue-twisters and my “aaaaaaghhs” and “gaaaaahs” in the middle add no benefit to the recording. Neither does muttering under my breath “I will get it right this time”. I’m just thankful I don’t have “studio-cam”!

To have my daughter join Lovely Voice as my Lovely Little Voice has been an absolute delight. She has undertaken some amazing projects in both her native British accent and her flawless US neutral accent. Being bi-lingual she has also made some great Norwegian recordings. One client was truly shocked when he realised the cute American little kid voice he needed can from a 6 ft teenage Viking girl!

In summary, thank you one and all for choosing Lovely Voice to narrate for you in 2013 and here’s to a fabulous 2014 (we already have some amazing projects lined up).

Warmest regards and Happy New Year to you all!

Jennie and Pia
The Lovely Voice Ladies