What did the Foxx Say?

At Lovely Voice we’re thrilled we have regular clients and repeat business that keeps us busy every week, but it’s all too easy to keep beavering away and not get “out there” from time to time to draw inspiration from others… and not necessarily voice-over talent.

This week Pia and I were invited to a seminar with a full itinerary of speakers covering a wide range of topics (and none of them voice over). We met some great people and of course it’s always great to network with other businesses.

I was enjoying listening to several of the speakers then on came one that really caught my attention. His enthusiasm, dynamism and huge stage presence had me listening intently and whilst I acknowledge we can all get caught up in the moment I realised this was someone I would really like to work with to expand my business horizons and build my brand.

So whilst plenty of people find out about us via our website, social media and other sources, working together with JT Foxx is going to elevate our business to a whole new level… and frankly, we’re very excited!

There are still only 24 hours in a day, and we’re already busy bees but I’m looking forward to the challenges and changes ahead as we expand our business and reach more clients than ever before.

So… what did the Foxx say? He said “let’s work together on expanding your horizons!” Here’s the two of us together after having our first of many chats. I’m looking forward to the future and I’ll certainly keep you posted!

What did the Foxx Say? 1